Koolaire Refrigerant Definitions June 04 2015, 1 Comment

Specific information regarding Koolaire service definitions and diagnostic information can be found in the freely available Koolaire Service Technician Handbook. This is an excerpt from the service technicians handbook aid, for those interested in repairing their Koolaire machines on their own. Ice Maker Parts Shop recommends only handling or diagnosing refrigerant issues if you are a qualified and licensed service technician.

Refrigeration Definitions


To remove refrigerant, in any condition, from a system and store it in an external container, without necessarily testing or processing it in any way.


To clean refrigerant for re-use by oil separation and single or multiple passes through devices, such as replaceable core filter-driers, which reduce moisture, acidity and particulate matter. This term usually applies to procedures implemented at the field job site or at a local service shop.


To reprocess refrigerant to new product specifications by means which may include distillation. A chemical analysis of the refrigerant is required after processing to be sure that product specifications are met. This term usually implies the use of processes and procedures available only at a reprocessing or manufacturing facility.

Chemical analysis is the key requirement in this definition. Regardless of the purity levels reached by reprocessing method, refrigerant is not considered "reclaimed" unless it has been chemically analyzed and meets ARI Standard 700.

New Product Specifications

This means ARI Standard 700. Chemical analysis is required to assure that this standard is met.

Koolaire Refrigerant Re-Use Policy

Koolaire recognizes and supports the need for proper handling, re-use, and disposal of refrigerants. Koolaire service procedures require recapturing refrigerants, not venting them to the atmosphere.

It is not necessary, in or out of warranty, to reduce or compromise the quality and reliability of your customers products to achieve this.