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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Manitowoc Ice Machine Parts May 09 2023, 0 Comments

If you own a Manitowoc ice machine, it's crucial to ensure that it operates efficiently and produces high-quality ice at all times. However, like any other machine, your Manitowoc ice machine may require repairs or replacement parts from time to time. Choosing the right Manitowoc ice machine parts is essential to ensure that your machine functions correctly and lasts for a long time. In this blog post, we'll provide you with the ultimate guide to choosing the right Manitowoc ice machine parts

Troubleshooting Safety Limit #2 on Koolaire Ice Machine July 13 2015, 4 Comments

Koolaire ice machines, that shut down prematurely may be turning off due to a safety limit. This article covers the Safety Limit #2 indicator and items to check to help diagnose your ice maker. This feature helps protect your investment, by shutting down the equipment, to prevent damage to parts like the compressor, control board, or evaporator.

What is Safety Limit #2

Safety Limit 2 happens whenever the harvest time exceeds 3.5 minutes for 100 consecutive harvest cycles. It's important to monitor your ice machine and time the harvest cycle, a normal harvest time is around 1.5 5o 2 minutes. Anything longer indicates that it most likely needs to be cleaned or there are other problems, which are outlined below.

Troubleshooting Safety Limit #1 On Koolaire Ice Machine July 08 2015, 5 Comments

Koolaire, like other Manitowoc made ice machines, come with a built in safety limit feature on the control board.  This is a feature that shuts the ice machine down, if certain limits are reached, to protect the ice maker and its individual components. If the machine were not to shut down with these limits, you could potentially damage your compressor, evaporator, or electronic board. Although frustrating when the ice maker goes down, these safety limits protect your investment. This article will discuss the checklist and things you should check if your Koolaire were to shut down on Safety Limit 1.

What Does Safety Limit #1 Mean

Safety Limit #1 is activated whenever the ice machines freeze time exceeds 60 minutes for 3 consecutive cycles. If your ice machine has not made ice with 60 minutes, it's not going to. The typical freeze time should be 12-15 minutes max. Anything taking longer indicates there is a problem, or your ice machine needs to be cleaned. Either way, a shutdown is warranted after 3 cycles in a row.

How To Tell If A Dump Valve Is Bad July 05 2015, 2 Comments

Dump ValveAs part of our Troubleshooting Manitowoc Ice Machine Series, we will be visiting the water dump valve, found on almost every Manitowoc ice machine made. These valves are extremely common and only come in 2 different varieties. That's right, every dump valve on every Manitowoc ice machine is only 1 of 2 different parts, either 115v or 208-230v. This brief post will share the best way to diagnose the dump valve.

First, the two different dump valves are Manitowoc OEM part number 000001767 for 115v ice machines and 000001768 for 208-230v ice machines. We keep both ice machine parts in stock and are available for standard and rush order shipping. They are also very easy to change, almost anyone can swap out a dump valve on a Manitowoc or Koolaire ice machine.

Koolaire Refrigerant Definitions June 04 2015, 1 Comment

Specific information regarding Koolaire service definitions and diagnostic information can be found in the freely available Koolaire Service Technician Handbook. This is an excerpt from the service aid, for those interested in repairing their Koolaire machines on their own. Ice Maker Parts Shop recommends only handling or diagnosing refrigerant issues if you are a qualified and licensed service technician.