Ice Machine Real Time Data April 27 2015, 0 Comments

Real Time Data is the latest feature in the Manitowoc Indigo ice machines.  It allows a technician to more easily troubleshoot a problematic ice maker.  With real-time data, available only on Indigo ice makers, it becomes easier to diagnose and pinpoint a bad ice machine part.  The Real Time Data can be accessed through the Indigo control board interface.

To access this information, press the Checkmark with the real time data highlighted to get the readings.  To view all available data, press the Down arrow and scroll through all the available options.  Below is a listing of available data points, that can be read in real time.

Time and Temperature

  • Status Off/ON - Displays stage of cycle
  • Time
  • T1 Thermistor Temperature
  • T2 Thermistor Temperature
  • T3 Thermistor Temperature
  • T4 Thermistor Temperature
  • T3 & T4 Delta Temperature
  • 100 hz
  • 120 hz
  • Exit


  • Status Off/ON - Displays stage of cycle
  • Curtain Switch 1
  • Curtain Switch 2
  • LPCO Switch
  • HPCO Switch
  • Bin Level - Low(Optional bin level probe) status
  • Bin Level - Medium
  • Bin Level - High
  • Sensing Ice No/Yes
  • Water Level Low No/Yes
  • Water Level High No/Yes
  • Exit


  • Status Off/On - Displays stage of cycle
  • Water Pump Off/On
  • Hot Gas Valve 1 Off/On
  • Hot Gas Valve 2 Off/On
  • Air Pump Off/On
  • Water Valve Off/On
  • Dump Valve Off/On
  • Compressor Control Off/On
  • AuCS Relay Off/On
  • LuminIce Off/On
  • Exit

Please note that there have been situations where  the probes have failed so you may experience inaccurate real time data.  It’s important to study all aspects of the ice machine, before replacing a specific part.  We recommend always starting with the simplest repairs possible, to eliminate any incorrect readings.

First, always ensure the ice machine has been thoroughly cleaned of all scale.  This includes cleaning all probes, the air condenser, and any filters.  Next, make sure the ice machine has adequate ventilation and ambient temperatures.

The very last item a technician should diagnose is the refrigeration system.  Never attach gas hoses to read temperatures to an Indigo ice machine, unless absolutely necessary.  All commercial ice machines are critically charged, so the less you have to interfere, the better.  The majority of Manitowoc ice machine troubles come from electrical or dirty components, not the refrigeration system.

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