Indigo Event Log Trouble Codes April 25 2015, 8 Comments

The Indigo ice machine, by Manitowoc, is an amazing piece of equipment.  The latest model commercial ice maker allows for easier diagnostics.  The built in control board provides trouble codes, much like a car, to help narrow down the problematic part.

Below are a listing of the trouble codes, that can be found inside the event log of your Indigo machine.

E01 - Long Freeze Cycle

E02 - Long Harvest Cycle

E03 - Input Power Loss

E04 - High Condenser Temperature

E05 - High Pressure Control Opened

E06 - Spare

E07 - Starving TXV or Low on Charge

E08 - TXV Vault

E09 - #1 Evaporator Flooding

E10 - #2 Evaporator Flooding

E11 - Refrigeration Fault

E12 - Curtain Switch Fault - Open more than 12 hours

E13 - Spare

E14 - Spare

E15 - Fan Cycle control fault - Lo Liquid Line Temperature

E16 - Remote Condenser Fault

E17 - Spare

E18 - Spare

E19 - Ice Thickness Probe Fault

E20 - Water System Fault

E21 - T1 Temperature Sensor Issue

E22 - T2 Temperature Sensor Issue

E23 - T3 Temperature Sensor Issue

E24 - T4 Temperature Sensor Issue

E25 - Bin Level Probe Low Sensor Fault

E26 - Bin Level probe medium sensor fault

E27 - Bin level probe high sensor fault

E28 - AuCS

E29 - USB Communication Fault

E30 - USB Download Fault

E31 - Safe Mode

E32 - RS485 Communication Fault

E33 - KeyBoard Fault

E34 - Display Fault

The ‘Spare’ listings are reserved for updated firmware and adding additional fault codes.  While the Event Log will not tell you specifically when component to replace, it can assist in finding the ice machines lack of production or low production.

Ice Maker Parts Shop is happy to help with diagnostic issues, if you have questions please email us at and we’ll do what we can to assist.