Manitowoc Water Level Probe, How To Install March 15 2015, 6 Comments

A Manitowoc water level probe can be a common part to replace.  Replacement is often necessary, because it becomes dirty or broken due to being removed regularly.  This article will cover how to replace a water level probe on different Manitowoc ice machines.  We'll also talk about why you would need to replace a water level probe and which ice machine part numbers fit specific models.

Water level probes work by sensing water in the trough and then signaling the control board.  When the ice maker fills with water, it will reach the probe, then the signal will shut the water inlet valve off.  By using a probe, instead of a float valve, Manitowoc can be more efficient with water consumption.

Replacement of water levels may be required if the probe is too dirty.  In addition, probes should be removed and cleaned regularly, doing so can eventually damage the terminal, wire, or plastic encasing the metal probe.  When replacing, always kill the power to the ice machine and don't 'just' turn the machine off.  Ice Maker Parts Shop recommends turning off the breaker to the ice machine when replacing any part.

Q Series and Older Manitowoc Ice Machines

Manitowoc Water Level Probe 2511293


There are 3 different Manitowoc water level probes and none of them are interchangeable.  The oldest and most common is part number 2511293.  This probe fits Q Series and older Manitowoc ice makers.

Q Series water level probes mount with a single screw to the inside wall of the ice machine, above the plastic water trough.  The probe connects directly to the control board through a single wire and terminal.  When mounting, be careful to position the height of the metal part of the probe at the water line indicated inside the water trough.

S Series Manitowoc Ice Machines

Manitowoc Water Level Probe 2006549


The next most common water probe is ice machine part number 2006549 and is used on all S Series Manitowoc ice machines.  This probe is physically different, mounts differently, and connects to the control board differently than the Q series and older water level probes.  The newer design is arguably more reliable, but is not compatible with any model ice maker other than the S series.

To remove part number 2006549, first remove the white plastic water trough.  This is done by pinching the ears of the trough, then pulling down and out.  Be cautious to not hit the water pump and existing probe, that hangs from the bottom of the evaporator.  Once the water trough is removed, reach in and pull the water level probe straight down.  It will pop out and will expose 2-3 inches of wire, with a pigtail.  Unclip the pigtail, careful not to damage the plastic connection and discard the old probe.  To install the water level probe, reverse the process, making sure to have a secure connection with the pigtail and then pressing the probe up into the holder.  You will hear a 'snap' when it is in place, no other adjustment is required.

Indigo Manitowoc Ice Machines

Manitowoc Water Level Probe 000007052

The latest Indigo ice machine uses an all new water level probe, ice machine part number 000007052.  It resembles the S series probe, but instead of having one sensor, it is an assembly that contains 3 metal probes.  These probes not only monitor water level in the trough, but also can detect the hardness of your water.  Manitowoc Indigo ice machine can use this information to further conserve water with it's Water Miser technology.

Removing and installing 000007052 is done the same way as the S series in the paragraph above. First, remove the water trough, pull down on the existing probe, and disconnect the pigtail connector.  Install the same way, make the connection, push up into place until you hear a snap, then reinstall the water trough.

Once all connections have been made, it's safe to give power back to your ice machine.  After power has been restored, turn the Indigo ice machine back on by pressing the POWER button.  Access to this button may be done by opening the front panel of the ice maker.

Remember, anytime you replace a water level probe or other part on a Manitowoc ice machine, always turn off the power to the maker.  The control boards are sensitive to signals from the probe and it's always a good safety practice to reduce the chance of shock.  If you have any questions about installing or identifying any parts, simply send us an email at