Manitowoc Ice Machine Parts for Indigo February 25 2015, 1 Comment

Ice Maker Parts Shop offers a full selection of the most common parts and accessories for today's current production Manitowoc ice machines and previous generation models.  We focus on the core components that can be easily changed by just about anyone and offer guidance on diagnostics and parts research.  The focus of this article is to discuss the main and most common parts of the latest generation Manitowoc, the Indigo series.

Our most common Indigo ice machine part is the ice thickness control, which utilizes a new technology.  Unlike previous generations, the Indigo ice thickness probe uses acoustic technology, as opposed to continuity through a metal finger.  This new acoustic technology is reliable and less susceptible to failing due to scale build-up on parts.  The replacement ice thickness control for Indigo ice machines is a Manitowoc part number 000008660, which we keep in stock, ready to ship same day, with free shipping!

Another component that may need to be replaced, is the Indigo control board.  This is a Manitowoc part number 000008309.  Replacing the control board may be necessary if it were not properly grounded, damaged by water, or even struck by lightning.  Replacing the ice machines control board should be a last resort and we recommend checking with a skilled technician before replacement.

Next is the Manitowoc water level probe and again this part is unique to the Indigo series of ice machines.  The OEM part number is a 000007052 and instead of coming as a single pronged probe, it actually has 3 separate sensors.  These probes can check for level of water and even the quality of the water entering the water trough.  These extra probes are used with the Water Miser software, found exclusively in Manitowoc Indigo ice machine control boards.

Last, the most requested part for Manitowoc ice machines are the water pumps, which can fail over the life of the machine.  Indigo ice makers are no different and may require replacement after years of heavy use or exposure to poor water quality.  The part number of your water pump will vary, depending on the size of the Manitowoc ice machine you are servicing.  Different production models require different flow rates.  Just because the water pump may look similar they are not interchangeable and vary even amongst voltages.

If you need help finding a Manitowoc ice machine part for Indigo ice makers, simply drop us an email at  We’d be happy to help you with any diagnostic assistance or confirm the correct part number for your ice machine.