SY0454A Ice Machine Parts January 29 2015, 0 Comments

Manitowoc S Series ice machines are the model of ice makers produced before the current Indigo series.  S model ice machines were an extremely popular series, because of their longevity, ease of cleaning and servicing.  Anyone who owns an S model ice machine, compared to other commercial ice machines, has saved money due to their low maintenance costs.  The SY0454A is one of the more popular models among the S Series and this article covers the most commonly replaced parts.

What makes the SY0454A so popular is how easy it is to repair, clean, and change parts.  The ice machine was designed to allow owners to do a lot of work themselves, saving on expensive service technician visits.  Manitowoc even provides free service literature, to help with diagnostics, and part replacement information.

We have identified 5 of the most common parts to be replaced on an SY0454A.

SY0454A Water Curtain - 4011189

The water curtain can become brittle over the years.  Being in close proximity to the evaporator, the plastic is exposed to hot/cold which can eventually break the ears that it mounts to.  Without the water curtain in place, the ice machine simply will not turn on and run.  Replacement is very easy and only requires a screwdriver to open the front door.

SY0454A Dump Valve - 000001767

Dump valves are commonly replaced, because they often get too dirty to clean.  Scale build up and constant use will destroy the plunger inside the valve.  Over time, the 115v coil will eventually wear out and replacement is necessary.  The dump valve comes as a kit, so when you order a 000001767, you actually receive the valve, body, and coil.

SY0454A Water Inlet Valve - 000009123

Anytime the ice machine is running, the water inlet valve could be energized.  It runs when filling the trough, flushing the trough, and doing a second batch fill of the trough during the freeze cycle.  This 115v inlet valve is a workhorse, but this also means it will be prone to failure.  Replacement is a little more difficult, just because of where it’s placed inside the ice machine.  In addition, older valves have been discontinued, so the new water inlet valve available from Manitowoc will look different and require the included kit.

SY0454A Bin Switch - 000007888

Bin switches tell the S Series ice machine when the bin is empty and also when a batch of ice falls off the evaporator.  It tells the control board when to terminate the harvest cycle, restart the freeze cycle, or shut down because the storage bin is full.  The bin switch is the most likely to be an intermittent problem, where testing can only be done by OHMing out the switch and looking for consistency.  We usually recommend replacement if you have an intermittent problem, as it’s an inexpensive and simple changeout.

SY0454A Water Pump - 2008929

Water pumps are prone to getting clogged due to debris or scale, when this happens the motor on the pump can burn up.  There are no individual components available for the pumps, so complete replacement is required.  When replacing the S Series water pump, make sure to first remove the water trough and pull the pump down.  Never try to remove the water pump from the top of the ice machine, you will damage the frame.

If you need help diagnosing any of these components, let us know, we’d be happy to help.   Simply send us an email to  Below is a grouping of other parts that can be found on the SY0454A ice machine and are guaranteed to fit this model ice machine.