Indigo Control Board Navigation January 21 2015, 1 Comment

One of the coolest new features of the Manitowoc Indigo ice machine is it’s control board or display board.  Within that little LCD screen is a plethora of information, just at your finger tips.  The problem, is that you need to know how to find it.  This guide will show you how to navigate the some of the menu’s inside the Indigo display.

To start, let’s look at what the actual control functions are on the board.  There are a number of buttons that do different things, including power and clean, besides just navigation.  To access some of these buttons, you may need to remove the front panel, unless the board with the buttons has been left open for access.


  • Power Button: This button is what needs to be pushed to either put the ice machine into ice making mode or turn off.
  • Cleaning Button: This initiates a clean cycle on the ice machine.  Once pushed, this starts a countdown timer for the clean cycle that locks the machine out of ice making mode.
  • Menu Button: The menu button on the control panel starts navigation into the main menu.  This is how we will access logs, information ,energy saver settings, and other service type settings.
  • Left and Right Arrows: These will be used to navigate inside the Main Menu portion of the display.  As you push the arrow buttons, the selected item will be indicated by brackets.
  • Checkmark: The checkmark button will be used to make a selection and confirm what is selected within brackets.


Menu Navigation:

If the display board has an alert, when pressing the left arrow you will be taken to the Alerts Menu.  If a message is present, pressing the left arrow will take you to the Messages Menu. By pressing the left arrow you will be quickly taken to what alert or message has been prompted on the Home Screen.

Press the Menu button to be taken to other functions, besides messages, that are available.  After the Menu Button is pressed, you will be given the option of Machine Info, Set-Up, Energy Saver, Fact Deflts(Factory Defaults), and Service.  To select the different menu options, use the arrow buttons, which moves the brackets to the desired menu option.  Press the Checkmark button to move onto the next section of the menu.

Summary of Menu Options

Machine Info is where you can find capacities, model numbers, serial numbers, warranty information, install date, manufacturer date, display and software versions.  This is the most basic level of the menu that makes getting ice machine information simple, instead of needing to find a nameplate on the back of the ice machine, that may be difficult to reach.

The Set-Up Menu, which may be password protected is where you can choose Language, set time and date, configure units, adjust ice clarity features, change LCD brightness, turn passwords on/off, set a clean reminder, set automatic cleaner run time, reminders for air and water filters, configure LuminIce setup, adjust the ice bin sensor, and do a USB setup.  I would recommend adjusting settings under the Set-Up menu at your own risk.  Out of the box the Indigo ice machine is ready to start making ice and will automatically shut down when full.  Unless you know what you are doing, avoid messing with settings in this sub-menu.

Energy Saver is another menu option that may be password protected.  However, once selected you will be given the option to change the ice production per 24 hours, adjust water usage with the Water Miser feature, and view statistics about the ice machine.  The Indigo is an efficient ice machine out of the box, so adjustments are most likely not necessary.

FACT DEFLTS stands for factory defaults and is where you can return the settings of the Indigo back to how it was when it left the factory.  Use this if you mess with a setting and wish to undo a change or if you think you may have messed up a language or other option.

The last sub-menu of Service is where you can find useful logs.  Under the Service menu you can find Data History, Real Time Data of the thermistors and probes, diagnostic information, force a manual harvest, initiate a setup for replacing the control board, configure with a USB drive, and view multiple event logs like safety limit shut downs.

If you have trouble navigating your Indigo control board, be sure to view your installation use and care manual, which shipped with your ice machine.  In addition, menu navigation layouts are printed on the inside of the Indigo front panel.  If neither of those are available to you, you can purchase an Indigo Service Tech Handbook from our online store.  If you have questions about the contents of this article, please feel free to contact us at