How To Perform Ice Production Check January 19 2015, 2 Comments

It can be confusing knowing if your ice machine is producing as much ice as it should or if your machine is having problems.  For example, a Manitowoc IY0454A will only produce up to 450 lb of ice per day, under ideal conditions.  Rarely are our ice machines placed in ideal conditions, typically they are in a hot kitchen or have warm water fed to them.  This article will show you how you can perform an ice production check and see how much ice it’s actually producing.

Step 1 - Determine ambient air temperatures.

To do this, take a thermometer and find the air temperature around the ice machine.  Next, take a reading of the air temperature as it enters the condenser.  This will only apply to air-cooled machines and the temperature should be taken right at the condenser fins or air filter.

Step 2 - Find 24-Hour production chart in your service technicians hand book.

This book can be downloaded for free directly from Manitowoc’s website or ice machine service books can be purchased from our store.

Step 3 - Perform a check of your ice maker production using the following formulas.

Freeze Time + Harvest Time = Total Cycle Time

1440 minutes in 24 hrs / Total Cycle Time = Cycles Per Day

Weight of One Harvest x Cycles Per Day = Actual 24 hour production

ice production scaleTo get an accurate weight of a harvest, simply catch the ice that falls off of the evaporator in a trash bag.  Weight this amount, to figure the weight of a single cycle.  However, if you have a nice even formation on the grid, with 1/8 “ bridge thickness, then you can use the slab weight listed in the service technician handbook.

Step 4 - Compare the results of the formula in step 3 with step 2.  Manitowoc allows figures that are within 10% of published production and consider these numbers normal.

If you are running out of ice, the ice machine may be doing all that it can to keep up with demand.  It’s possible you may need to provide cooler temperatures to where the ice machine is installed, increase ice storage, or replace the ice machine with a higher production model.  Manitowoc make single ice machines that can produce up to 2,900 lbs in a 24 hour period.

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