Koolaire Safety Limits January 13 2015, 0 Comments

Safety limits are a built in feature of most commercial ice machines, that are indicated by a flashing light on the control board.  The lights are labeled as SL#1 and SL#2. These lights indicate at what point in the ice making cycle the equipment had problems.  The Koolaire has 3 safety limits, which I will cover in this article.  Knowing what these safety limits mean, can help you better diagnose your ice machine.

Safety Limit 1

If the freeze time reaches 60 minutes, the control board automatically initiates a harvest cycle.  After the ice machine hits 3 consecutive cycles of 60 minute freeze times, the SL#1 light will flash on/off at 1 second intervals.  Once 6 consecutive cycles have been reached, the Koolaire will shut down, while continuing safety limit 1 notification on the control board.

Safety Limit 2

If the harvest time reaches 3.5 minutes, the control board automatically returns the ice machine to the freeze cycle.  The SL#2 light on the control board will flash at 1 second intervals, but after 75 consecutive cycles of long harvest, the SL#2 light will remain on.  After 100 consecutive 3.5 minute harvest cycles occur, the Koolaire ice machine will shut down and the safety limit 2 light will remain on.

Safety Limit 3

If the harvest float switch hasn’t opened for 10 continuous seconds within 4 minutes of the water inlet valve energizing the ice machine stops.  Because there are only 2 safety limit lights, safety limit number 3 is indicated by both the SL#1 and SL#2 light flashing.  Although the Safety Limit #3 is bypassed on the initial startup cycle, afterward the ice machine will shut down for 30 minutes and then reset if SL#3 is triggered.

Help With Diagnostics

Ice Maker Parts Shop is happy to assist with any diagnostic or parts identification.  To contact us, please email us at sales@icemakerpartsshop.com.  We respond Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8pm and 5pm CST.

Koolaire service books are available in our shop and contain all the information above, plus more.  These handbooks include wiring diagrams, refrigeration pressures, maintenance guides, and more.  We recommend every owner of a Koolaire ice machine to have one on hand.