How To Clean A Koolaire Ice Machine January 09 2015, 0 Comments

Keeping your Koolaire ice machine clean is the number one way to reduce ownership cost.  The purpose of cleaning is to remove lime scale and mineral deposits.  Most ice machine problems stem from components having scale build up or the evaporator being too dirty to harvest properly.  Keep your ice machine investment running efficiently, by following these Koolaire cleaning steps.

Step 1: Place the toggle switch in the clean position after ice falls from the evaporator at the end of a Harvest cycle. Or, place the toggle switch in the off position and allow the ice to melt off the evaporator.

Step 2: Remove all ice from the bin.

Step 3:To start a cleaning cycle, move the toggle switch to Clean. Water will flow through the water dump valve and down the drain. Wait until the water trough refills, then add the proper amount of ice machine cleaner to the water trough.

Step 4: Wait until the clean cycle is complete, which may take up to 24 minutes.  Then place the toggle switch in the off position and disconnect power and water supplies to the ice machine.

Step 5: Remove parts for cleaning, like float valves, water curtain, distribution tube, and water trough.

Step 6: Mix a solution of cleaner and lukewarm water.  Depending on the amount of mineral buildup, a larger quantity of solution may be required.  A solution you use should use 16oz of nickel safe cleaner, per 1 Gallon of water.

Step 7: Use half of the cleaner/water solution to clean all components. The cleaner solution will foam when it contacts lime scale and mineral deposits; once the foaming stops use a soft bristle brush, sponge or cloth to carefully clean the parts.  Do NOT use something that will scar the ice machine.  Soak parts for 5 minutes then rinse all components with clean water.

Step 8: While components are soaking, use half of the cleaner/water solution to clean all foodzone surfaces of the ice machine and bin. Use a nylon brush or cloth to thoroughly clean the evaporator plastic parts, bin bottom, sides and top, and rinse all areas thoroughly with clean water.

Step 9: Toggle ice machine switch back t o the ice position to start making ice.

Depending on the severity of scale, cleaning may be required more frequently than the recommended once per 6 months.  In addition, cleaning times may vary depending on water quality or dirtiness of ice machine components.

Ice machine cleaner is not the same as ice machine sanitizer.  Sanitation may be required if you need to disinfect and remove algea or slime.

To reduce the frequency of cleaning or sanitizing, have a trained technician test the quality of your water supply.  Guardian Sachets may be required to reduce slime or water filters may help in the reduction of scale in your application.  If you have any questions, please email us at