Manitowoc S Series Ice Machine Parts October 13 2014, 0 Comments

Manitowoc S Series ice machines are the previous generation models by the leading manufacturer of commercial ice makers.  The S Series boasted ease of maintenance, smooth design, and a focus on efficiency.  These improvements over the previous Q series, allowed Manitowoc to dominate the market.  Features made the S series ice maker one of the easiest machines for an owner to work on themselves.

Because of it’s design, most common components can be removed and changed with nothing more than a screw driver.  By removing two screws on the front of the machine, parts like the water curtain, water pump, ice thickness control, water level probe, and distribution tube can all be changed without any other tools.  The parts are easily accessible and can be changed by ice machine owners with little experience.

Manitowoc S Series

Diagnosing the S Series ice machine can be a little intimidating, but again, with the right tools can be done by almost anyone.  The Manitowoc Service Technician handbook for S Series ice machines contains sequence of events and wiring schematics.  By following clear flow charts, diagnosing components is easy.  And if you have any questions, we are always available to help at

The most common S Series ice machine parts to change are the water inlet valve, which comes in 2 basic types.  The 115v and 208-230v options, and come as a kit in part number 000009123 and 000009122.  In addition, there are only 2 different dump valves for the Manitowoc S Series ice machine, 000001767 for the 115v and 000001768 for the 208-230v.

Thanks to Manitowoc for using common components among most of the S Series machines, the 300lb cuber and the 1400lb cuber both use the same water level probe and ice thickness control.  The longer single wire ice thickness control, part number 2008029 is used on all S Series cubers.  Manitowoc part number 2006549 is a pencil looking water level probe, that mounts underneath the evaporator and extends into the water trough and is also used on all S Series cubers.

The magnetic bin switch is another common part to be replaced on Manitowoc ice machines.  The S Series uses a common bin switch, which is also known as a proximity switch, among all S Series cubers and is identified as part number 000007888.

If you need help identifying a part for your Manitowoc S Series ice maker, let us know.  Ice Maker Parts Shop is happy to help with any and all Manitowoc OEM parts.