Koolaire and Manitowoc Float Parts September 23 2014, 0 Comments

Manitowoc float valves are not the same as Koolaire float switches.  The terminology can sometimes be confusing, but there is a difference and they are not interchangeable.  The biggest difference is that Manitowoc will use a float valve, where Koolaire uses a float switch.  This means that water does not actually pass through the Koolaire float, it will only read the level in the water trough.

Float valves are also typically only used on older ice machines or undercounter models.  Modular units and modern Manitowoc ice machines rely on a separate water inlet valve, that provides a higher rate of water flow.  Because they can bring in more water and operate on cycles, they are more energy efficient.  A water float valve will simply let water in, anytime the float drops, wasting water.  The Koolaire ice machine uses a combination of the two technologies.

Koolaire ice machines use both a water inlet valve and a separate float switch.  The float switch monitors the water level in the trough, then tells the board when to energizethe water inlet valve.  This allows the Koolaire to be more efficient and reliable, as opposed to just a water float valve.

The Koolaire ice makers also have more than one float switch.  One float controls the water level in the trough and the other controls the harvest cycle.  These float switches are not interchangeable.  When replacing, be sure to order the correct float.  The harvest float switch can be adjusted, to match the desired thickness of the ice.  The water float switch simply tells the machine when to fill with water.

Koolaire Float Switch Diagram

As you can see in the image, the Koolaire float switches are number 5 and number 6.

Koolaire Float Switches:

000010635 Koolaire Float

000010634 Koolaire Float -


Manitowoc Float Valve:

8369049 Manitowoc Float Valve


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