Manitowoc Dump Valves - When to Change? September 18 2014, 3 Comments

Manitowoc dump valves come in only 2 different types, a 115v and a 208-230v.  This makes keeping a spare part on hand easier, limiting the amount of stock.  In addition, it makes it easy to know which ice machine part your maker needs, since we only need to identify if you have a 115v ice machine or a 208v machine.  But let's look at why it may be necessary to replace a dump valve on a Manitowoc.

Typically, a dump valve requires replacement if you have a blown fuse.  What happens is that the top of the valve will leak, causing an electrical short.  This blows the fuse on your control board and can only be fixed by replacing the dump valve.  A valve leaking bad enough to cause an electrical short will be obvious, as you will see water spurting from the top of the valve and usually a large amount of calcium build up.  The calcium build up will look similar to the corrosion on a battery terminal in your car.

Another sign that you need to change the dump valve is losing water out of your water trough.  The inside of the valve could be deteriorated, allowing water to pass down the drain when it shouldn't.  A symptom of this problem is not having enough water to make a batch of ice, so you have either very thin ice or no ice at all.  Check the inside of the water trough for the proper level of water, if there is no water available during the freeze cycle, be sure to check your dump valve.

The two dump valves available for Manitowoc ice machines are the 115v, part number 000001767 and 208-230v version, part number 000001768.  We keep both valves in stock and ready to ship.  Please view the links below to our store page, where you can purchase and request rush shipping if necessary.


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