Ice Thickness Float Switch Adjustment on Koolaire August 13 2014, 2 Comments

Ice machines require the proper ice thickness or bridge thickness, to properly harvest.  Setting this thickness allows for faster harvest cycles, depending on condition and customer preference on cube size.  Manitowoc and Koolaire recommend a 1/8" thick bridge on all of their cuber ice machines.  Adjusting a Koolaire ice thickness is unique, because harvest is triggered by a float switch and not an ice thickness probe.

To adjust the float switch, you will need a 3/4" wrench.  Use the wrench on the float switch located on the left, as you are facing the front of the machine, to loosen or tighten the nut located right above the white plastic float.  Turn the float switch clockwise to increase thickness and counterclockwise to decrease.

Koolaire recommends making this adjustment while the water trough is in place and the machine is running.  This is the only way to accurately adjust ice thickness on a Koolaire ice machine and may require a few cycles to set exactly.  Also, be sure the water curtain is in place when checking ice thickness.  This will prevent you from losing water during the freeze cycle, from splashing out of the water trough.

Thankfully, adjustment of a Koolaire ice machine ice thickness is typically not required.  Float switches come set from the factory to maintain a 1/8" bridge, which is the optimal setting for efficient ice production.  See the picture below on the location of the ice thickness float switch on most Koolaire cuber models.  The harvest float switch is the float mounted below the evaporator, hanging into the water trough, and located on the left.

Koolaire Float Switch

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