QY0134A Manitowoc Ice Machine Parts August 06 2014, 4 Comments

The Manitowoc QY0134A or Q130 Series ice machine was an under counter machine.  This was an extremely popular ice machine that was made, almost unchanged, for than 10 years.  It was designed to fit in small places, where only a modest amount of ice was needed.  Great designed, coupled with the bin being part of the ice maker itself, made it popular in bars and small restaurants.

Over the years, parts on this machine tend to break down, requiring replacement.  Thankfully, there are many parts available still and at discount prices, that make fixing it yourself an option for most people.  Generally, a float valve, ice thickness control, or water pump can be changed and put you back in ice.  These parts are easily changed and can save you money on a service call.

Below are the most common ice machine parts for a Q130 ice machine.  These parts will fit models QY0134A, QD0132A, QY0135W, and QD0133W under counter ice makers.

83-6904-9 Float Valve


76-0160-3 Ice Thickness Control or Ice Thickness Probe

76-2306-3 115v Water Pump

76-2914-3 Air filter

Regular Maintenance

The Q130 Series Manitowoc ice machine will provide many years of reliable service, which can be extended by regular maintenance and proper filtration.  We recommend changing the air filter as needed, but typically once every 1 to 2 years, as the aluminum mesh can break down.  This helps keep the air condenser clean and your ice machine running as efficiently as possible, saving you energy costs.

In addition, filter your ice machine water with a properly sized water filter system.  Ice Maker Parts Shop recommends the 3M ICE120-S water filter system.  This water filter contains siliphos, to treat your water for scale, a carbon block for sediment reduction, and to reduce chlorine taste and odor.  The capacity of the HF20-S cartridge is high enough to properly meet the Q130 demand.  We recommend changing your ice machine water filter once every 6 months for optimal scale reduction and filtration.