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Did you know that most Manitowoc ice machines come with a 3 year parts and labor warranty?  This means that if your commercial ice machine experiences a failure in the first 3 years of purchase, Manitowoc will pay a trained technician to come to your company and fix the ice maker.  More expensive components like the evaporator and compressor will also have an extended warranty, which includes 5 years parts and labor on most evaporators and 5 year parts warranty on the compressors.  This allows you, the customer, to not need a Manitowoc claim form.  All warranty related paper work would be completed by the Factory Authorized Service representative.

So what isn't covered by Manitowoc warranty?

Anything that has to do with cleaning issues would not be covered under the manufacturers warranty.  If you have hard water or scale issues in your area, this can lead to the probes and water related parts to sense incorrectly.  Often times an ice thickness control will think that it's time for harvest, when no ice has formed, causing the machine to shut down on a safety limit 2 after 3 consecutive cycles.  This would be an example of a service issue not covered under warranty.

Is your ice machine not getting any water?  This could be caused by a supply or water filter related issue.  This is outside the scope of a manufacturers warranty, as the problem exists outside of the ice machine.  Simply replacing your water filter or finding out someone has shut the water line off would be an ideal fix and save you the hassle and cost of a trained technician coming out to your location.

Incorrect installation can cause an ice machine to fail.  Being installed to close to a wall, in too hot of an environment, or simply the wrong application can cause an ice maker to fail.  Failure because of an installation error will not be covered under Manitowoc warranty, so be sure to follow the directions inside the use and care manual that shipped with your new ice machine.

How to get Manitowoc warranty?

All Manitowoc ice machines come with some sort of warranty coverage.  The most popular modular units have a standard 3 year parts and labor, with 5 year parts 3 years labor on the compressor and 5 year parts and labor on the evaporator.  To get the full coverage on your machine, we recommend registering your ice machine purchase with Manitowoc as soon as it's installed.  This process can be completed online and only takes a few minutes to complete their forms.

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How to find Manitowoc warranty service?

Manitowoc Ice has coverage all over the United States and the world over.  To locate a Factory Authorized Service rep in your area, you can either call Manitowoc direct or simply go on their website, enter your city, state or zip code and get the options available to you.  The warranty service locator will provide you with service company names, addresses, how far away they are from you, and contact information.  Each company listed is trained and authorized by Manitowoc, so you can call in confidence knowing your ice maker problem will be fixed in the most efficient and factory recommended way.

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What are the different Manitowoc Ice warranties?

The length and coverage of a Manitowoc warranty is based upon a number of factors, including the type of ice machine purchased and where the ice machine is in use.  For example, no matter which Manitowoc ice maker you own, if it's installed in a residential application, it will only carry a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

For commercial applications, Cube ice machines come with the longest warranty of 5 year parts and labor on the evaporator, 3 year parts and labor on the equipment itself, and 5 year parts 3 years labor on the compressor.  For QM and SM series under counter ice machines, they have a 3-year parts and labor coverage on all components.  RF, RFS, RN, and RNS nugget and flaker machines have a 3 year parts, 2 years labor warranty, with an extended 5 year parts coverage on the compressor.  And lastly the counter top nugget dispenser and ice machines, the RNS12 and RNS20 have a 2 year parts and labor, with a 5 year parts only on the compressor.

As always, please let us know at Ice Maker Parts Shop if you have any questions about parts, diagnostics, or to ask if your machine might be covered under warranty.  Please provide your model and serial number when contacting us, so that we can better assist you.