Manitowoc Ice Machine July 27 2014, 0 Comments

Manitowoc has been a long standing leader in commercial ice machine manufacturing.  The Manitowoc ice machine has the largest market share of any of the big three ice machine manufacturers, including Scotsman and Hoshizaki.  This has been credited to their constant innovation in the foodservice industry, leading warranty coverage, service support network, and a lineup capable of covering almost any ice need.

The past 2 years has seen the Manitowoc ice machine name change from meaning the latest model to encompassing the all new Kool-Aire and NEO brand as well.  Kool-Aire is made and supported by the Manitowoc company and shares many of the same components.  In addition, the NEO name has also been introduced to their undercounter ice maker offering, after more than 10 years of stalled innovation.  When considering a Manitowoc ice machine, your options now include a Manitowoc Indigo, a KoolAire, or NEO branded piece of equipment.

Manitowoc Indigo

The Indigo series of Manitowoc ice machine is Manitowoc's flagship product.  It’s the most advanced ice machine on the market, using acoustic technology for harvest triggering, on-board diagnostics, and built to accept a number of accessories to lower lifetime ice maker cost of ownership.

The latest and greatest foodservice technology comes at a higher price than other comparable models.  Higher efficiency, tools to provide lower service costs, and a design to allow for many owners to repair problems themselves, drives the new equipment price up.  If your business can afford a higher upfront cost, then the Indigo ice machine is the answer to your ice need problems.

Kool-Aire By Manitowoc

Kool-Aire or KoolAire is a brand of Manitowoc ice machine that has been designed and marketed to target a lower price point.  There are no technological advancements in efficiency, no ice thickness or water level probes, and no ability for accessory add ons like auto-cleaning systems.  Koolaire models operate on float switches, has a visibly lower quality finish and build quality, when compared to the Indigo. Thanks to a recent update by Manitowoc, the KoolAire does include the same warranty and service network coverage as the Indigo brand.  It’s priced much lower and is perfect for the company that just needs ice and is not focused on long-term ownership costs.  

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NEO Undercounter Ice Machines

The NEO brand is the name given to the current line of Manitowoc undercounter ice machines.  NEO has replaced all Q Series ice machines ranging in size from 140 lb per day to 310 lb per day production.    Updates to the small ice machine category include a removable bin, for easy cleaning, service light indicators, and 1 button push for ice maker production delays, for quiet operation during meetings.

Early adopters of the NEO Manitowoc ice machine may notice a few problems with operation, including damper door molding(now no longer an issue) inconsistencies and noisier operation.   The newly designed box fans used on the condenser closely resemble a computer fan, but are much louder when compared to previous Q model machines.  If you need ice in a small footprint, the NEO Manitowoc ice machine is your only option.

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