Manitowoc Bin Switches April 17 2014, 3 Comments

Manitowoc bin switches are the part of the ice machine that tell the control board when a batch of ice has dropped or when the ice bin is full.  They are mounted to the underside of the evaporator, where the magnet of the water curtain or damper door make contact.

There are 2 main bin switches for Manitowoc ice machines.  Part number 2301483 bin switch has a gray wire, with a white box at the end.  This ice machine part is used on most Q Series and older Manitowoc ice makers.  Then there is ice maker part number 000007888, which is white, shaped like a pencil and used on S Series and newer ice machines.

Both bin switches operate the same, however they are not interchangeable.


Magnetic bin switches, or harvest switch, are also known to fail intermittently.  The only way to test them is to OHM them out and look for consistency.  However, finding 3 failures amongst 100 open/closes can cause the machine to lock out on a safety limit.  Typically the ice machine will shut down on a Safety Limit 2, indicating that it was in harvest for too long.

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