Manitowoc Water Level Probes April 03 2014, 0 Comments

Water Level ProbeManitowoc ice machines have undergone many improvements and changes over the years.  Some of the biggest changes have taken place with the way the ice machine uses water.  Years ago, the only way to get water to the ice machine was through a float valve, however modern commercial ice machines use water inlet valves.  These water inlet valves require a trigger or sensor, to tell them when to fill the water trough, this is accomplished with water level probes.

There are 2 very common Manitowoc water level probes, part number 2511293 and 2006549.  These two water level probes would cover models made for the past 15 years on models Q Series and S Series.

The Q series water level sensor is a dog leg shaped piece of metal with a white plastic top, followed by a wire lead that connects to the control board.  At the bottom of the sensor is a flattened piece of metal, which uses continuity to sense when water makes contact.  Once the water trough fills with water, the water level sensor tells the control board to stop sending power to the inlet valve, shutting down the water supply.

The S Series probe works similarly, but is shaped much different.  Part number 2006549 is shaped like a pencil, with the metal end sticking into a white housing.  The white housing is used to mount the probe underneath the Manitowoc ice machines evaporator.  Although it looks much different than the Q Series probe, it operates the same way, telling the ice machine when to fill the water trough so that the machine can make ice.


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