Manitowoc Compressor February 28 2014, 4 Comments

Manitowoc CompressorWe are currently stocking a wide range of Manitowoc compressors by Tecumseh, Copeland, and Bristol.  However, we do not list them on our main site, because we only recommend installation by trained refrigeration service technicians.  For a quote on a replacement Manitowoc ice machine compressor, please contact us with model, serial number, and brand of compressor.

Compressor replacement typically requires the addition of Freon or Refrigerant.  To purchase R404A and other types of refrigerant, individuals must maintain certain licensing, depending on their state.  That's why all Manitowoc compressors are custom quoted depending on need and ability to install.

Contact Ice Maker Parts Shop and let us quote you an inexpensive and cheaper price on Manitowoc OEM compressors.

Why are ice machine compressors special?

Ice machine compressors are different from traditional refrigeration because of the harvest cycle used in Manitowoc ice makers.  The harvest cycle requires hot gas to be used to harvest the ice off of the freezing evaporator.  Other refrigeration, like in reach in coolers and freezers, do not require this harvest cycle, so the internal components of the compressor will be different.

Many times you can find a Bristol or Copeland compressor close to the numbers of a Manitowoc OEM part, but they will not be compatible.  The harvest cycle, as mentioned above, will eventually destroy and break a non OEM ice maker compressor.  Always use OEM components, especially on refrigeration parts.