Manitowoc Ice Thickness Probes February 14 2014, 5 Comments

Manitowoc ice machines have changed over the years, becoming more efficient, and improving upon old designs.  One major change has been in the style of the ice thickness probe or ice thickness control.  Also known as a harvest switch, this probe is what signals Manitowoc ice makers to harvest the ice that's formed on the evaporator.

Older Manitowoc ice makers will utilize what's known as a single wire ice thickness control.  These probes are used to replace double wire ice probes on older model ice machines, like the B and J series machines.  The OEM part number 7627813 is also used as stock replacement for the very popular Q series modular ice machines.

When replacing a double wire ice thickness control with a single wire on J and B Series ice machines, you will only be using a single terminal.  To install, only plug the wire into the control board terminal marked IC.  There will be nothing plugged into the control board where it's marked ID.  This is the Manitowoc recommended replacement.

Under counter ice machines will also use a slightly different version of the single wire ice thickness control.  Although they work the same and even look the same, installing the proper undercounter Manitowoc ice thickness control will be much easier.  The under counter thickness control, OEM part number 7601603, has a shorter wire lead, with a different connection.  This allows installation, without requiring the installer to trace the wire all the way through the firewall to the control board.  The under counter Manitowoc ice probe will also be gray in color.

The next generation of Manitowoc ice machines, the S Series, used a slightly longer version of this single wire ice thickness probe.  The OEM part number 2008029 looks very similar to the 7627813.  However, the S Series probe is longer, and will not work on non S Series ice makers.  The part still works the exact same way, just in a slightly different position.

Lastly, the latest technology from Manitowoc, is an ice thickness control that uses acoustics to signal the ice machine when it's time to harvest.  Manitowoc OEM part number 000008660 does not have any exposed metal, like previous ice thickness controls.  Instead, there is a speaker inside the white plastic, that listens for changes in sound during the freeze cycle.  Once the ice forms, the echo changes, and the new sound triggers the ice machine to harvest the sheet of ice.

The latest acoustic ice thickness control is only used on Indigo ice machines.  Indigo is the current series of ice machine being produced by Manitowoc and has been around for almost 2 years.  Eliminating the metal on the ice thickness probe enables a more reliable harvest indicator.  No longer will a slightly dirty probe cause a safety limit or incorrect harvest time.  These advanced ice thickness controls have been known to work with 1" of filth on them.

If you need help deciding which ice thickness control is the correct part for your Manitowoc ice machine, just let us know.  We are happy to assist with any parts research, we encourage you to contact Ice Maker Parts Shop.