Manitowoc Ice Machine Installation Checklist February 14 2014, 0 Comments

After purchasing a Manitowoc ice maker, installation needs to be performed by a trained service professional. However, if you feel comfortable making all the electrical and plumbing connections yourself, there are a few items that you will want to make sure are covered before turning on the ice maker. 

By following the Installation Checklist below, you will help make sure you do not jeopardize the ice makers warranty.

  • Is the ice maker level?
  • Has all of the internal packing been removed?
  • Have all of the electrical and water connections been made?
  • Has the supply voltage been tested and checked against the rating on the nameplate of the ice maker?
  • Is there proper clearance around the ice maker for air circulation?
  • Has the ice machine been installed where ambient temperatures are between 35 degrees and 110 degrees farenheit?
  • Has the ice maker been installed where the incoming water temperature will remain in the range of 35 degrees and 90 degrees farenheit?
  • Is there a separate drain line for the water cooled condenser?
  • Are all electrical leads free from contact with refrigeration lines and moving equipment?
  • Has the owner/operator been instructed regarding maintenance and the use of Manitowoc cleaner and sanitizer?
  • Has the owner/operator completed the warranty registration card?
  • Has the ice maker and bin been sanitized?
Keep in mind that this checklist will help ensure that your ice maker was installed properly and will work at maximum efficiency. Manitowoc ice makers are tested in the factory under full operation before shipment, so adjustment of probes may not be necessary. However, in shipment some ice thickness controls or water level probes may come out of adjustment, so adjustments may be required before starting the ice maker. All items listed in this Manitowoc Installation Checklist are NOT covered under warranty. It is up to the buyer or service company performing installation to complete these tasks to make sure the ice maker is installed properly.