Replacing Manitowoc Dump Valves February 10 2014, 0 Comments

When buying a dump valve for a Manitowoc Ice machine, there are only two choices. For all past and current ice maker models there are only 115v dump valves and 208-230v dump valves. This makes truck stock simple, allowing you to keep only 2 items in stock that will solve and fit all Manitowoc ice machines.

Typically the 115v dump valve will fit all 500lb cubers and smaller. The voltage change happens at 600lb machines and larger, which are then fitted with 208-230v dump valves. There are a few exceptions, like in the Ice Beverage model line up, which can produce 1000lbs of ice or more, but only have a 115v ice maker head. Be sure to look up the part number and voltage of your ice maker before ordering.

Manitowoc has all part break-downs available on their official website.


Manitowoc Ice Machine Parts, Water Dump Valves

Manitowoc Ice Machine Parts:

115v Manitowoc Dump Valve - 000001767

208-230v Manitowoc Dump Valve - 000001768


The dump valve is a part commonly replaced on Manitowoc ice makers. After years of service, the valves tend to leak, which then cause a build-up of calcium. This calcium(scale) and leaking water will often times short out the ice machine. In addition, sometimes trash or calcium can cause the valve to stick in the open position. This causes any water added to the water trough to constantly run down the drain. Although it may be a slow leak, without the proper amount of water in the trough to make a batch of ice, the ice maker will shut down on a safety limit. It is recommended to replace the entire valve and coil. All Manitowoc OEM dump valves come complete with the valve and coil.

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