Clean Your Ice Machine Probes, Before Replacing January 29 2014, 0 Comments

Just because your ice thickness probe or water level probe are not sensing properly, does not mean they are bad.  Did you know that it's possible they just need a good cleaning?

Both the ice thickness probe and water level probe in older Manitowoc ice makers function by looking for continuity.  A dirty probe, with built up lime scale, will not sense properly.  This will cause the ice maker to shut the water off prematurely or send it to the harvest cycle before the sheet of ice is completely formed.

When cleaning a probe it's important to use a non abrasive tool.  Manitowoc recommends soaking the probes in a nickel safe cleaner and then scrubbing the metal and plastic parts of the probes with a nylon brush.  Anything too abrasive and you'll scratch the metal, which can ruin the sensor.

Depending on how scaled up the components are, it may be cheaper and easier to just replace.  Also, a water level probe and ice thickness probe are recommended to keep in stock, for when you have those cleaning issues in your restaurant on a Friday evening before the rush.  It takes only a few minutes to swap out a sensor and could save you a lot of headache for the weekend.

Most common ice machine probes: