How To Read Manitowoc Model Numbers January 29 2014, 1 Comment

Did you know that most of the specifications about your Manitowoc ice machine can be found within the model number? Manitowoc has always included most necessary information within each character of the model. They have continued this trend from their very first to the latest ice machine, following a specific naming guide.

Manitowoc's model numbers start with 2 letters, followed by 4 numbers, and then another letter. After the model, there is usually a dash (-) and the voltage of the ice machine. The suffix of the model number would indicate if the ice maker is a 115v unit or a 208-230v, along with the phase information.

The first letter of the model number indicates what series ice machine it is. Currently Manitowoc is producing an Indigo series ice maker, this series of ice maker is indicated by the letter I. The previous series ice machine was called an S Series, so the first letter of the model was an S.

The 2nd character in the model number indicates what size cube the maker produces. The most common characters are a Y or a D. A Y indicates the cuber produces half-dice cubes and the D indicates that the maker makes dice sized ice cubes. Other possible letters include N for nugget ice, F for flaked ice, and R for regular sized cubes.

The next 4 numbers in the model sequence indicate what production size the ice maker is. This is represented by it's ability to produce ice in a 24 hour period. A commercial ice maker capable of producing 400lb of ice in a 24 hour period would have the number sequence 0400 and a 1200lb cuber would have the sequence 1200. In the past the numbers also reiterated what size cube and condenser type. However, with new Indigo machines this is not always the case and it's safer to look at the other characters of the model to verify dice and condenser type.

Lastly, the final letter in the Manitowoc model number sequence states what type of condenser the ice maker uses. There are 3 main types of condensers, water-cooled, air-cooled, and traditional remote. A less common type of condenser is a quiet cube condenser, which is indicated in the model as a C type condenser. The more common setups are A for air-cooled and W for water-cooled.

As you can see, when looking for help on servicing a Manitowoc commercial ice machine, simply providing the model number can assist the service tech on the other end of the line. This also goes for using our support forums and any time you contact Manitowoc, a complete model number and in most cases a serial number is required. In some cases providing a model number may also dictate what service technician comes to service your ice machine, not all techs are comfortable or qualified to work on traditional and quiet cube remote ice makers.