Undercounter Ice Maker Shutting Down, Replace Air Filter January 29 2014, 0 Comments

A common problem with Manitowoc undercounter ice makers is that they shut down, before the bin is actually full. Now, this could be due to several different factors, but the most common is due to a dirty air condenser or clogged Manitowoc air filter.

Undercounter ice machines are more susceptible to getting clogged air filters, because of their proximity to the floor. Foot traffic, dirty floors, and product dropping off of shelves can cause increased wear on the aluminum air filter. Most Manitowoc undercounter ice makers have their air condenser located in the front bottom of the ice machine, which can be kicked, or damaged under normal use.

If your machine is shutting down, meaning no lights on the control board and requires a hard reset, a dirty condenser or air filter might be your problem. Thankfully this is an easy fix, that can be performed by just about anybody, without having to call out a Manitowoc service technician. The first step is to inspect the air filter, which on the QM30, QM45, Q130, Q170, Q210, and Q270 ice makers can be found in the front of the ice maker. There is a tab that can be found on the left hand side of the black plastic vents, which simply pulls straight out. Pull the air filter and inspect for dirt or grease build up, if it is dirty this air filter can be reused. Rinse the filter out under warm water and allow it to completely dry before reinstalling.

Next, check to ensure that the condenser itself is clean. Compressed air is a great way to clean lightly soiled air condensers in Manitowoc ice makers. If the air condenser is too dirty or clogged with grease, commercial strength coil cleaners may be required. Make sure the chemical you use is safe for condensers, as the fins of the coil can be sensitive to certain acids.

Most service technicians will replace the aluminum air filter on undercounter ice machines every 12 months. Eventually the aluminum mesh will break down, so replacing is a cost effective way to ensure the ice maker air input is being properly filtered of particulates. Ice Maker Parts Shop offers inexpensive ice machine air filters for a variety of models and keep them all in stock. Keeping the air filter and air condenser clean will also allow the ice maker to operate more efficiently. Energy requirements will also be reduced with a clean air filter and the stress on components is also lowered. Make cleaning the air filter on your Manitowoc ice maker a part of the preventative maintenance schedule. This will help prolong the life of your compressor, one of the most expensive ice maker parts.

Below are the most common air filters for Manitowoc undercounter ice machines.

Manitowoc Part Number 7629143 for use on Manitowoc Model Numbers:
  •  QY0134A
  • QD0132A
  • QY0174A
  • QD0172A
  • QY0214A
  • QD0212A
Manitowoc Part Number 7629523 for use on Manitowoc Model Numbers:
  • QY0274A
  • QD0272A
Manitowoc Part Number 7629223 for use on Manitowoc Model Numbers:
  • QM30A
  • QM45A