How To Remove Manitowoc Bin Door January 15 2014, 13 Comments

This article will cover how to properly remove the bin door from a Manitowoc under counter ice maker.  Following these steps will help you remove the ice maker parts, without damaging the plastic.
  • Grasp the rear of the bin door and pull bin door forward approximately 5".
  • Slide bin door to the rear while applying upward pressure (The rear door pins will ride up into the track slot and slide backward to the stop tab).
  • While applying pressure against the bin door pull down on the rear of each bin door track until the door pins clear the stop tabs.
  • Slide the rear door pins off the end and then below the door track. Slide bin door forward allowing the back of the door to lower into the bin. continue forward with the bin door until the front pins bottom out in the track.
  • Lift right side of door until the front pins clear the track, then remove door from bin.
  • Remove rollers (4) from all door pins.
Manitowoc under counter ice makers Q130, Q170, and Q210 all have the same sized storage compartments, therefore they all use the same bin door replacement part 040001716.  This new kit from Manitowoc includes the bin door, rails, frame, and components required to install. Proper ice maker cleaning may require the removal of the bin door.  Locations susceptible to airborne yeast may find it necessary to properly clean and sanitize. View the picture of Manitowoc under counter bin door components below, to help with door removal.