Manitowoc Water Pump Installation January 15 2014, 3 Comments

There are two main water pumps for Q Series and older Manitowoc ice makers, a 115v and a 208v version.  These 2 pumps will fit most any ice maker made 9 years and older.  However, please verify fitment before ordering or send us an email if you have any questions.
Most common Manitowoc water pump part numbers 7623063 115v Water Pump, 7626013 208-230v Manitowoc Water Pump.
  • 1 water pump
  • rubber reducing boot
  • barbed connector
  • plastic hose clamp
  • set of instructions
Installing a new water pump requires the removal of a water flow clamp, if your machine is equipped with one.  This typically applies to under counter ice makers.  Depending on the type of water system your ice machine operates on, you will install the pump in 1 of 5 different ways.  However, each method is covered by the included components, along with instructions on how to do all 5 within the instructions.
On most ice makers it's a simple bolt in installation and the above listed components will not be required.  If the pump outlet tube doesn't quite line up, it's possible to rotate the assembly.  There are 3 screws located under the motor, which once removed will allow the pump base to rotate freely.  Once it's in the desired position, simply replace the 3 screws.