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How To Read A Koolaire Model Number May 31 2015, 0 Comments

Koolaire ice machines are a new commercial ice maker, manufactured by Manitowoc. Manitowoc is the leader in ice machines and the Koolaire is their budget line, offering the same amazing warranty and service support. It's no wonder Koolaire is making headlines and is an obvious choice for those who just need ice!

Just like Manitowoc ice makers, there are a number of different Koolaire models. Each ice maker has different voltages, difference condensers, and produces a different sized ice cube. This article covers the ways you can read a Koolaire model number, to better fit a maker to your application. The Koolaire model number will tell us everything we need to know about the ice machine.

Access Manitowoc Indigo History April 29 2015, 6 Comments

One of the most frustrating things about diagnosing an ice machine, is catching the problem when it happens.  A lot of time can be wrapped up in simply watching an ice machine make ice, hoping to catch the exact moment an ice machine part fails.  That’s why Manitowoc included data logging in the Indigo, which allows a technician to read through data history.

To access data history on an Indigo ice machine, press the Checkmark with Data History highlighted.  There is a lot of history stored, so to access all the information be sure to use the Down arrow to scroll through all available dates.  For each date listed, the following information will become available.

Ice Machine Real Time Data April 27 2015, 0 Comments

Real Time Data is the latest feature in the Manitowoc Indigo ice machines.  It allows a technician to more easily troubleshoot a problematic ice maker.  With real-time data, available only on Indigo ice makers, it becomes easier to diagnose and pinpoint a bad ice machine part.  The Real Time Data can be accessed through the Indigo control board interface.

To access this information, press the Checkmark with the real time data highlighted to get the readings.  To view all available data, press the Down arrow and scroll through all the available options.  Below is a listing of available data points, that can be read in real time.

Indigo Event Log Trouble Codes April 25 2015, 8 Comments

The Indigo ice machine, by Manitowoc, is an amazing piece of equipment.  The latest model commercial ice maker allows for easier diagnostics.  The built in control board provides trouble codes, much like a car, to help narrow down the problematic part.

The ‘Spare’ listings are reserved for updated firmware and adding additional fault codes.  While the Event Log will not tell you specifically when component to replace, it can assist in finding the ice machines lack of production or low production.

Manitowoc Water Level Probe, How To Install March 15 2015, 6 Comments

water level probeA Manitowoc water level probe can be a common part to replace.  Replacement is often necessary, because it becomes dirty or broken due to being removed regularly.  This article will cover how to replace a water level probe on different Manitowoc ice machines.  We'll also talk about why you would need to replace a water level probe and which ice machine part numbers fit specific models.

Water level probes work by sensing water in the trough and then signaling the control board.  When the ice maker fills with water, it will reach the probe, then the signal will shut the water inlet valve off.  By using a probe, instead of a float valve, Manitowoc can be more efficient with water consumption.

Replacement of water levels may be required if the probe is too dirty.  In addition, probes should be removed and cleaned regularly, doing so can eventually damage the terminal, wire, or plastic encasing the metal probe.  When replacing, always kill the power to the ice machine and don't 'just' turn the machine off.  Ice Maker Parts Shop recommends turning off the breaker to the ice machine when replacing any part.