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Manitowoc S Series Ice Machine Safety Timers January 15 2015, 4 Comments

S Series Safety LimitsManitowoc S Series ice machines are considered the best commercial ice machines produced.  They had just the right mix of new technology and old technology that made a reliable, long lasting piece of equipment.  The longevity of the S Series, like model SY0454A, SD0302A, SY0304A, and SY0604A, is due to the control boards ability to protect expensive components with safety timers.

Safety timers are used to shut off the ice machine, in case an ice making cycle is out of spec.  This provides protection to a compressor, that may be short cycling, or loss of water through inlet valves.  Below are the 3 main safety timers, which are indicated by flashing safety limit lights on the control board.

Koolaire Safety Limits January 13 2015, 0 Comments

Safety limits are a built in feature of most commercial ice machines, that are indicated by a flashing light on the control board.  The lights are labeled as SL#1 and SL#2. These lights indicate at what point in the ice making cycle the equipment had problems.  The Koolaire has 3 safety limits, which I will cover in this article.  Knowing what these safety limits mean, can help you better diagnose your ice machine.

New Year Ice Machine Maintenance January 12 2015, 0 Comments

easy to maintainHappy New Year!  Now is the time to start taking action and reduce the cost of owning your commercial ice machine.  To do this, plan a maintenance schedule right now, which includes cleaning your Manitowoc or Koolaire ice machine at least once every 6 months.  Depending on your location, you may need to do this more often, ideally once per quarter.

An ice machine has a foodzone, just like your grill, so keeping it clean is important.  There are things to help with keeping the ice machine free of mold and scale, like adding a water filter or Guardian Sachet to reduce slime.  However, nothing beats taking components apart, putting the ice machine into clean mode, and using nickel safe cleaner to scrub that evaporator.

How To Clean A Koolaire Ice Machine January 09 2015, 0 Comments

Keeping your Koolaire ice machine clean is the number one way to reduce ownership cost.  The purpose of cleaning is to remove lime scale and mineral deposits.  Most ice machine problems stem from components having scale build up or the evaporator being too dirty to harvest properly.  Keep your ice machine investment running efficiently, by following these Koolaire cleaning steps.

Depending on the severity of scale, cleaning may be required more frequently than the recommended once per 6 months.  In addition, cleaning times may vary depending on water quality or dirtiness of ice machine components.

Ice machine cleaner is not the same as ice machine sanitizer.  Sanitation may be required if you need to disinfect and remove algea or slime.

No Water In Water Trough January 08 2015, 3 Comments

For a Manitowoc ice machine to make ice, it needs water.  No water in a water trough can be caused by a number of issues and I’ll cover the most common issues in this guide.  Although some of these solutions may seem simple, it’s important to start with the basics, to ensure your commercial ice machine is working optimally.

Start with ensuring you have water supply to the machine.  Just because you have a water line hooked up, does not mean that water is always available.  It’s possible that another piece of equipment has been added to the line, that robs the ice machine of water.  Another reason could be that the lines are clogged with debris, due to a line breakage.