Koolaire Warranty Explanation June 02 2015

Factory warranties can be confusing and it's easy to get lost in the legalese. This article will cover the basics of a Koolaire ice machine warranty and the important parts that will affect your purchase.  From coverage to ease of gaining service, this information should help you make a wise buying decision, when looking at commercial ice makers.

For starters, Koolaire offers the same industry leading warranty as Manitowoc ice machines.  This includes a full 3 years parts and labor that covers the entire ice maker, 5 year parts and labor for the evaporator only, and 5 year parts and 3 years labor for the compressor. But let's talk about what that coverage period actually means.

The warranty coverage for Koolaire starts the day the unit is installed. It's important to fill out your registration card, so that Koolaire knows exactly when this date is. If a warranty card is not filled out, then the factory can only reference the date that the ice maker left the factory. To maximize your coverage, it's important to fill out and mail in the warranty card found with your Koolaire at the time of installation. The warranty coverage also goes with the ice machine, it's not dependent on the owner or location of installation. Koolaire warranty does not require a transfer, if the machine were to be sold within the coverage period.

Specific components within the ice machine will have slightly different coverage. For example, the evaporator will have the longest lasting protection, in the case it fails. For 5 years after installation, the evaporator (where ice forms) will be covered from defects. This allows for a factory authorized service technician to come out, diagnose, remove, and install a new evaporator, at no cost to you. Also, the compressor comes with a 5 year parts warranty, but only 3 years for labor coverage. This means that if the compressor fails within 3 years, the owner is not out any money for replacement. However, from year 4-5, the cost of the part only is paid for, so the owner is responsible for paying for the cost of diagnostics and install.

What's not covered by warranty is a part failure due to the install. Unfortunately it's common for new ice machine owners to install an icemaker in a place that is not adequate. This means there is either improper air flow, too warm, too cold, or not enough power or water supply. Failure of components, to be covered under warranty, is dependent on a proper install. The installation location and specifics will be investigated before a warranty claim can be filed by the service technician.

Next, the number one failure reason for an ice machine part is because the equipment needs to be cleaned. If the part fails due to being scaled up, warranty coverage does not apply. Next, if you think that it's a warranty claim, but diagnostics prove that it was due to equipment being dirty, the owner is responsible for the cost of the service technician call. It's like taking care of your car, you are responsible for oil changes, brake changes, and regular maintenance. Like your car, you are responsible for regular cleanings and maintenance on the individual components. If you have concerns about a potential warranty claim, Ice Maker Parts Shop is happy to assist, please contact us at sales@icemakerpartsshop.com.

If your Koolaire is failing because of a warranty concern, the factory covers the cost of the repair. To start the process, contact a local authorized service technician and request an appointment. The service tech will come out to your business, diagnose the machine, and complete any necessary repairs. Be warned, any abnormal labor requirements may be billed directly to the customer, not Koolaire. This includes having to perform repairs in over-time, or wait on certain conditions to reach the ice machine. Again, if you have specific questions, feel free to contact us, we are happy to help.