Koolaire Parts June 17 2014

KoolAire ice machines are made by Manitowoc and Koolaire parts are often iinterchangeable with Manitowoc brand machines.  Parts like fan motors, water curtains, water troughs, and distribution tubes are shared among similar sized ice machines.  Ice Maker Parts Shop can now offer parts for both Koolaire and Manitowoc, in stock with free shipping.

Koolaire PartsParts unique to Koolaire brand makers are float switches, which replace the water level probe and ice thickness probe in the newer Indigo brand ice makers.  These float switches will only be used on Koolaire ice machines and cannot be used on Manitowoc.  Koolaire has done a good job at utilizing only a few parts, that span a number of ice makers, limiting the number of parts that a service technician would need to stock.  For example, the same harvest switch or float switch, is used on every Koolaire ice machine from a K250 to a K1350.

Why Buy OEM?

As in Manitowoc parts, make sure you are always purchasing OEM.  OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer, which guarantees the part you purchase was specifically designed for use on your Manitowoc or Koolaire machine.  Non-OEM parts are not guaranteed to fit or operate within the strict tolerances set forth by Manitowoc.  If you don’t buy OEM, you void your warranty and can potentially cause undue liability to your establishment.

If you have any questions on fitment for Koolaire parts or Manitowoc parts, please feel free to contact us.  We are happy to offer any kind of parts research assistance we can via email.