Manitowoc Parts Super Winter Discount January 13 2015

As of today, Ice Maker Parts Shop is lowering the price on ice machine parts you buy the most of.  For a limited time, we have selected the top 5 purchased parts on our website and slashed prices.  This allows you the opportunity to fix your ice maker for less and stock up on common components.  If you have multiple ice machines, now is the time to purchase these fast moving components.

Discounted Parts

000001767 - Manitowoc Dump Valve for 115v Ice Machines

000001768 - Manitowoc Dump Valve for 208-230v Ice Machines

7627813 - Manitowoc Ice Thickness Control for Q Series and some older ice machines

000009122 - Manitowoc Water Inlet Valve for 208-230v ice machines

000009123 - Manitowoc Water Inlet Valve for 115v ice machines

These prices are guaranteed at this discount now through February 28th.  If you have any questions about fitment or Manitowoc service, please feel free to contact us at