NEO Ice Machine Float Switch 040001783

$52.00 $54.38

Buy a Manitowoc OEM ice thickness float switch for NEO undercounter ice machines.

This switch is used to set the thickness of the ice forming on the evaporator.  This float switch can be moved to 1 of 3 different positions, which tells the ice machine how thick to set the bridge on a batch of ice.  This is not used as a water level float switch, this thickness switch is found mounted to the front of the water trough.

Reason to Replace the Manitowoc Float Switch

  • broken float
  • broken or rusty bracket
  • float is too scaled up to move and cannot be cleaned thoroughly
  • thickness of ice not consistent
  • ice too thin
  • ice too thick

Used On The Following NEO Ice Machines:

    • UR0140A
    • UD0140A
    • UD0140W
    • UY0140A
    • UY0140W
    • UR0190A
    • UD0190A
    • UY0190A
    • UR0240A
    • UD0240A
    • UD0240W
    • UY0240A
    • UY0240W
    • UR0310A
    • UD0310A
    • UD0310W
    • UY0310A
    • UY0310W

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