7629523 Manitowoc Air Filter

$49.20 $50.58

Manitowoc air filter for Q270 series ice machines.  This is a reusable, metal mesh filter for the air condenser on Manitowoc brand under counter ice makers.

Manitowoc OEM part number: 7629523 or 76-2952-3

Will fit models:

  • QY0274A
  • QD0272A

This part serves the purpose of filtering the air before it enters the condenser on your ice machine.  Over time this mesh filter will become dirty, slowing air flow and eventually choking ice machine condenser.  Often times this will lead to the ice machine shutting down because refrigeration pressures reached too high, since not enough air flow was available to keep the air condenser cool.

It is recommended that you change the Manitowoc air filter as needed and to check and clean at least once a month.  The frequency can be far more often in your ice machine is located in a dirty environment or located next to heavy foot traffic.

7629523 Manitowoc Air Filter has a rating of 3.5 stars based on 2 reviews.

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