2412813 Manitowoc Fan Motor

$150.00 $200.00

Manitowoc OEM part number 2412813 or 2412819 is for a 115v/60hz fan motor.  This fan motor is designed to work on the following Manitowoc ice machine model numbers:

  • SD0302A
  • SY0304A
  • BY0254A
  • BD0252A
  • IY0304A
  • ID0302A
  • JY0254A
  • JD0252A
  • QY0284A
  • QD0282A
  • QY0324A
  • QD0322A
  • QY0374A
  • QD0372A
  • SY0324A
  • SD0322A

Please verify fitment before ordering by utilizing Manitowoc’s parts break downs, asking in our free ice maker support forum, or simply contacting Ice Maker Parts Shop.

How to tell when the Manitowoc fan motor is bad?

Typically a bad fan motor will show 1 of 2 signs of being broken.  One is the fan motor simply will not turn, by electrical current or by manually trying to spin the fan shaft. The other is that the fan motor gets extremely hot under operation and does not appear to be spinning at the proper RPM.  Before replacing the fan motor, ensure that you are getting proper voltage to the motor, to rule out the possibility of a bad fan cycle control.

Morrill Motors Information - 2412813 115v, 0.80A, 60/50hz 1550 RPM MFG # SP-B16HUEM12

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