2008029 Manitowoc S Series Ice Thickness Control

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Manitowoc ice thickness control for S-Series ice machines.  Can be used on both 115v and 208-230v ice makers.

Manitowoc Part Number 20-0802-9, 2008029, 20-0802-3, 2008023

What does this ice maker part do?

The ice thickness control is responsible for sensing when to place the ice maker in harvest mode.  After a full batch of ice forms, the bridge of the ice on the evaporator begins to thicken, eventually the water running over the evaporator will come in contact with the ice thickness probe.  Once the thickness probe senses  water contact for 6-7 continuous seconds it will initiate a harvest cycle.

How to tell if Manitowoc ice thickness control is bad?

If you have an ice maker stuck in a freeze cycle, it’s possible that your ice thickness control has either failed or isn’t adjusted properly.  More commonly the probe will initiate a harvest cycle too soon.  Scale build up on the probe can also cause a premature harvest, simply try cleaning the ice maker part before replacing.

Also known as ice probe, bridge thickness probe, harvest switch.

Manitowoc S Series Ice Thickness Control will work on the following ice maker models:


  • SD0302A
  • SD0303W
  • SY0304A
  • SY0305W
  • SD0322A
  • SD0323W
  • SY0324A
  • SY0325W
  • SD0452A
  • SD0453W
  • SY0454A
  • SY0455W
  • SD0522A
  • SD0523W
  • SY0524A
  • SY0525W
  • SD0502A
  • SD0503W
  • SY0504A
  • SY0505W
  • SD0592N
  • SY0594N
  • SD0602A
  • SD0603W
  • SY0604A
  • SY0605W
  • SD0692N
  • SY0694N
  • SD0852A
  • SD0853W
  • SD0892N
  • SY0854A
  • SY0855W
  • SY0894N
  • SD1002A
  • SD1003W
  • SD1092N
  • SY1004A
  • SY1005W
  • SY1094N
  • SD1202A
  • SD1203W
  • SY1204A
  • SY1205W
  • SD1402A
  • SD1403W
  • SD1492N
  • SY1404A
  • SY1405W
  • SY1494N
  • SD1602A
  • SD1692N
  • SY1604A
  • SY1694N
  • SD1802A
  • SD1803W
  • SD1892N
  • SY1804A
  • SY1805W
  • SY1894N


How to identify the different Manitowoc Ice Thickness Probes.  Find out which ice thickness control fits your model ice machine.

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