4304643 Manitowoc Water Curtain

$174.00 $205.96

Water curtain for Manitowoc ice maker.  This water curtain, also known as a water door or shield, will fit the popular Q450 and Q600 ice machines.  In addition, it will fit B400-B600 and J400-J600 series Manitowoc ice makers.

Manitowoc part number: 43-0464-3 or 4304643

Typically a water curtain will need to be replaced because the plastic cracks or breaks.  Because of the curtains proximity to the evaporator, the plastic is exposed to constant hot and cold, so replacement is normal after several years.  A magnet should also be in place in the bottom right hand corner, which is used to satisfy the bin switch.  This signals to the control board to either initiate a freeze cycle, terminate a harvest, or shut off on a full bin.

If you have questions on fitment or service, please feel free to contact us.

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