4011189 Manitowoc Water Curtain

$95.00 $97.00

Water curtain for Manitowoc S Series 22″ wide ice machines, model S322 and S422.  This water curtain, also known as a water shield, will fit all air-cooled and water-cooled ice makers in the 22″ S Series 320 and 420 model lineup.

Manitowoc OEM Part Number: 40-1118-9 or 4011189


  • KD0250A
  • KY0250A
  • KD0420A
  • KD0420W
  • KY0420A
  • KY0420W
  • KD0350A
  • KD0350W
  • KY0350A
  • KY0350W
  • SY0324A
  • SY0325W
  • SY0424A
  • SY0425W
  • SD0322A
  • SD0422A
  • SD0323W
  • SD0423W



Water curtains may need to be replaced if the pins are cracked or broken, or the magnet is missing.  The water curtain serves as a trigger for the ice machine to initiate the freeze cycle or terminate the harvest.  As ice falls off of the evaporator, the water curtain opens, breaking the proximity switch between the magnet and bin switch.  When the ice machine is full, the curtain is held open, signaling to the control board to shut down.

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