4008513 Manitowoc Water Curtain

$195.00 $236.11

Manitowoc part, 40-0851-3 ( 4008513) water curtain.  This is am OEM part, designed to fit Manitowoc ice machines.  Please confirm fitment before ordering, as most ice machines use different water shields or water curtains.

Manitowoc Water Curtain Part 4008513 will work on the following model machines:

  • BY0804A
  • BD0802A
  • BY0805W
  • BD0803W
  • BY0894N
  • BD0892N
  • BY1304A
  • BD1302A
  • BY1305W
  • BD1303W
  • BY1394N
  • BD1392N
  • JY0804A
  • JD0802A
  • JY0805W
  • JD0803W
  • JY0894N
  • JD0892N
  • QD0852A
  • QD0853W
  • QD0892N
  • QY0854A
  • QY0855W
  • QY0894N



If you have any questions about what water curtain or water shield fits your model ice machine, please feel free to contact us.

Why you should replace your Manitowoc water curtain.

Most commonly the pins on the top right or left corner of the plastic are cracked or broken.  This will not allow the curtain to set properly in it's mounts and not allow the magnet to make good contact with the bin switch in the bottom right hand corner.  In addition, if you have a magnet that is cracked or missing, water curtain replacement is recommended.

4008513 Manitowoc Water Curtain has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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