4004783 Manitowoc Water Curtain

$143.00 $161.35

Manitowoc OEM part number 4004783 or 40-0478-3 is for a white plastic water curtain.  This curtain comes with the hinge pins, and magnet, already assembled to the curtain.

Fits Manitowoc Model Numbers:

  • BY0254A
  • BY0255W
  • BD0252A
  • BD0253W
  • BY0204A
  • BY0205W
  • BD0202A
  • BD0203W
  • JY0204A
  • JY0205W
  • JD0202A
  • JD0203W
  • JY0254A
  • JY0255W
  • JD0252A
  • JD0253W
  • QY0204A
  • QY0205W
  • QD0202A
  • QD0203W
  • QY0284A
  • QY0285W
  • QD0282A
  • QD0283W

The water curtain must be in place for the ice machine to make ice.  The magnet, located in the bottom right hand corner of the water curtain, must be in place and mounted to the machine for the bin switch to activate.  If the water curtain is removed the ice machine will not make ice.

Typical reasons for replacement include cracked plastic, broken pins, or missing magnet.

4004783 Manitowoc Water Curtain has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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