000010634 Kool-Aire Harvest Float Switch

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OEM New Part Number: 000012649 which can be purchased here.


Kool-Aire or Koolaire OEM harvest float switch for ice machines.  This is an OEM Manitowoc part for Kool-Aire brand and will work on the following model numbers:


  • KD0250A
  • KY0250A
  • KD0420A
  • KD0420W
  • KY0420A
  • KY0420W
  • KD0350A
  • KD0350W
  • KY0350A
  • KY0350W
  • KD0500A
  • KD0500W
  • KY0500A
  • KY0500W
  • KD0600A
  • KD0600W
  • KY0600A
  • KY0600W
  • KD1000A
  • KD1000W
  • KD1000N
  • KY1000A
  • KY1000W
  • KY1000N
  • KD1350A
  • KD1350W
  • KD1350N
  • KY1350A
  • KY1350W
  • KY1350N


The harvest float is used to indicate when it is time to harvest the ice that has frozen to the ice machines evaporator.  Once the level of water in the trough has dropped, the float will lower and tell the control board it is time to initiate a harvest cycle.  This harvest float for Kool-Aire ice machines is adjustable, based on the position placed on the water trough inside the ice maker.

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