Ice120-S Ice Machine Filter System

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This is a complete ice machine water filter system.  This includes a cartridge, gauge, housing, and mounting bracket.  The water inlet and outlet are sized for most commercial ice makers at 3/8", with threaded fittings.

The 3M Cuno ICE 120-S filter is designed to treat the water for scale, reduce chlorine, taste, and odor while removing sediment.  The replacement cartridge, an HF20-S is capable of treating enough water to supply up to a 600lb(per day) ice machine for up to 6 months.

Ice120-S water fitler systems feature a sanitary quick change cartridge.  This protects the filter medium from being touched or exposed to bacteria during change outs.  We recommend changing the water filter every 6 months or as needed.  Some ice maker locations require a more frequent change, due to quality of water.

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