K-00338 Manitowoc Arctic Pure Water Filter Replacement

$55.99 $107.00

This is a single Arctic Pure water filter, part number K-00338.  This filter works on AR10000 water filter systems, specifically designed by Manitowoc for ice makers.

Manitowoc part number: K00338, K-00338, K338 or 5610401

This replacement water filter is designed to be used on AR-10000 systems, which are sized for up to 600lb production machines.  To purchase the complete water filter system, please see the AR-10000 listing.

In a pinch!

If you have an ice machine shut down because your Arctic Pure water filter is clogged, there is a way to bypass to get you up and running.  Simply remove the top o-ring from the water fitler, the screw back into the system head.  This will automatically bypass the cartridge, allowing you to make ice until your replacement water filter arrives.

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